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East London: Senior Communications, Corporate & Office Manager

Date 2024-04-13
Job Title Senior Communications, Corporate & Office Manager
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Category Marketing Advertising Pr
Location Buffalo City
/ East London

Job Summary

Strategic Planning and Governance Provide input to the organisational strategy, as well as reviewing organisational activities and recommend corrective actions if necessary. Develop unit operational plans and align all activities undertaken in the unit to ensure delivery of corporate objectives. Enhance and implement treasury regulation systems, processes, procedures, tools, and control systems. Ensure monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are prepared accurately, maintained, and submitted timeously to all stakeholders. Implement controls within the section which minimize potential risk to stakeholders. Manage preparation and support of all internal and external audits. Participate in management forums within the company, contributing expertise to enable sound decision making. Facilitate departmental communication through appropriate structures and systems. Develop and manage relationships with all internal and external stakeholders. Oversee Corporate Communications Develop and manage the relevant communication strategies for projects, initiatives and campaigns. Communicate Unit operational plans and strategy to staff and shareholder department. Enhance relationships with key stakeholders through the effective handling of the media, and other relevant communication channels. Create, implement and measure success of comprehensive communications interventions and public relations programmes that will enhance the image and position of the company in the market and the general public. Ensure strong and preferential media relations are built and maintained. Define and implement the communication policies. Provide advice to Board, Executive Management and business units on effective internal and external communication structures and processes. Plan, formulate, evaluate, recommend and implement programmes, systems and procedures for Corporate Communications. Develop and manage a Corporate Communications Calendar. Provide support to institutional events, initiatives, and programmes Direct the sharing developing and sharing of corporate communications material relating to key organisational events, missions and other stakeholder related events Content Generation and Management Oversight Responsible for building a brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online. Develop various organisational internal and external electronic and hard copy documentation like magazines, information brochures, investor and board packs, etc. Collate valuable information, track quality and lucrative flagship projects and worthy milestones created as source of attraction to products and services. Develop content of good quality for the Corporate Plan and reports for circulation to all relevant stakeholders and clients. Revise the relevance and content generated to ensure that integrity and reputation in the form of updates on corporate information, reports, and marketing material is maintained and aligned with the market. Monitor and evaluate progress made and report to the Senior Management, as well as mitigate risks that might arise. Provide Oversight on External Communication Develop social media strategy for the organisation and manage the day-to-day social media platforms, as well as manage and oversee website and social media content creation. Develop, implement and manage the companys social media and website strategy, and report on key performance indicators. Sharing content to raise brand awareness and monitoring web traffic and metrics to identify best practices. Build a brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online. Digital Communication Oversee the execution of content for the digital platforms, and strategise, implement and oversee the production of digital marketing campaigns for programmes. Create and distribute timelines for each campaign, and oversee output in collaboration with project managers, also liaise with them and client to ensure projects are represented well on all platforms. Social Media Platform- Conceptualise and implement new and creative digital growth strategies for the company and associated projects. Plan digital marketing campaigns for projects, including website, email, social media and display advertising. Provide strategic direction to Digital Communications team to ensure campaigns are implemented in line with project and business goals. Manage and execute campaigns to drive sales within existing base as well as customer feedback / satisfaction surveys on existing services/products. Measure the success of digital campaigns, suggest and implement tactics to improve performance. Develop and manage relationships with all internal and external stakeholders and implement customer service management via digital platforms. Provide oversight on the design, development and maintenance of Intranet Drive and manage the continuous development and upgrade of the business internal communications app and also external website. Develop content for various campaigns through various marketing channels and keep abreast with the latest digital marketing and social media best practices and technologies. Collaborate with the development team in designing content for online portal and sms/email campaigns for ongoing sales / additional services. Monitor, evaluate and report progress weekly on digital campaign and platforms performance . Corporate and Office Image Management Formulate appropriate strategies, business plans and budgets for corporate and image management for the company. Formulate the appropriate corporate positioning of the company as the supplier of choice for its products and services in the Eastern Cape Province. Formulate the broad-based marketing strategy policies, systems and procedures for the company. Deliver marketing functions (including advertising, brand-building, distribution channel promotion, market research, product positioning and enhancement, promotions and promotional material, strategic product pricing inputs) as dictated by the approved marketing strategy of the company. Manage the repositioning of the company brand so as to drive growth and eminence. Consolidate Corporate identity and use it to meet the objectives of the Corporate Strategy translated into a Marketing Strategy and related Marketing programmes to continuously improve positions in relation to other service providers. Oversee the reception management system, professionalisation of reception services across the organisation as well as resourcing. Oversee the corporate look and feel, e.g., office paint, artifacts, furniture, space reconfiguration etc Instituting of arrangements relating to cleaning of immediate office precinct and adjacent open space; regular cleaning of high-rise windows and walls etc Regular assessment of appropriateness of office amenities and lavatories, e.g., functioning of airconditioners, lights, blinds, retractors. Management of Organisation-wide Internal Engagements Direct, lead and manage internal engagements. Work in partnership across the business to foster a collaborative employee engagement focus. Represent the company in key development forums and platforms and develop / oversee organization-wide stakeholder management programme. Budget Management of Unit Manage, control the capital and operational budget of the Unit to ensure effective and efficient functioning within budgetary constraints of the company. Evaluate the units performance against the approved budget and addressing deviations/variances. Monitor, recommend and implement corrective measures to rectify deviations/acts contrary to budgetary provisions, financial regulations, audit requirements and departmental procedures. Authorise requisitions, payments, etc. regarding expenditure as delegated. Prepare and present reports detailing the status of expenditure and availability of funds for current and short-term interventions. Prepare budget transfer requests and submit for approval. Sound planning and forecasting of capital expenditure within area of responsibility. People Management Assign responsibilities and ensure effective task authorisation protocols are in place. Implement staff development and training to achieve overall organisational objectives. Develop and implement succession plans. Adhere to employment equity and recruitment policies. Manage the performance of direct and indirect reports in accordance with the performance management policy and procedure. Identify training and development needs, implementing plans to address requirements, as appropriate. Manage discipline and absenteeism in accordance with organizational codes and procedures. Motivate staff through the implementation of various reward mechanisms.” Customer and Stakeholder Management Conduct stakeholder mapping and relationship building sessions for purposes of establishing expectations and feedback on regional performance. Build and lead an effective team that works collaboratively with others toward achieving organisational goals. Gauge the performance of various teams and recommend areas that need improvement and changes to achieve the expected targets. Identify and facilitate staff development and training interventions to achieve overall organisational objectives. Provide exemplary advice and support to the CEO, Board and Senior Management team in relation to stakeholder engagement issues and activities. Arrange, attend, and contribute to meetings with key stakeholders and manage expectations. Job


A post graduate degree in Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Media Studies or Public Relations. Minimum of 8 years working experience of which 5 years at a middle management or senior consultancy level in communications, public relations or marketing role (Kindly note this is a 5-year fixed term contract)

Senior Communications, Corporate & Office Manager position available in Buffalo City, East London. This job position was posted by . The job has been posted on 2024-04-13 in the Marketing Advertising Pr category

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