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POPIA disclaimer: All Groups need to adhere to the regulations surrounding this Act from 1 July 2021.
Therefore, the Admin Team is required to ask each member of this Group 2 questions:

  1. Do you want to be part of this Group?
  2. Do you undertake not to use the visible personal information of members elsewhere?
    Should you answer YES, please remain on the Group.
    Should you remain in this group, it will be automatically accepted that you have consented to be a part of this group and you undertake to comply with the Act.
    Should you answer NO, please leave the group or ask any of the Admin Team Members for assistance to do so.
    In this regard, we request that all members of this group, in good faith, to not share personal information pertaining to other members for whatsoever reason, without obtaining the consent of the relevant person.

NOTICE FROM POLICE: if any one sent crime related pics or videos on any group notice that i will remove you and report you i don’t care who it is its i crime to do so because you interfere with the crime case and you must wear you’re mask in public or at home if you have someone with you please. Guys this is for your own good please obey the law don’t go in the streets at night you will be procecuted.
Please note that NO photos of criminal scenes or suspects will be allowed on this group. Persons that does not comply will be removed from the group. Thank you, Admin

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